AOBBIY Glutathione Dark Spot Corrector, With Effective Antioxidant Ingredient Glutathione, 4-Butylresorcinol, Dark Spot Remover For Face & Body

AOBBIY Glutathione Dark Spot Corrector, With Effective Antioxidant Ingredient Glutathione, 4-Butylresorcinol, Dark Spot Remover For Face & Body

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  • Highly Effective Antioxidant Ingredient Glutathione: Best for light-dark spots, remove blemishes and wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and anti-aging. It has the dual functions of "anti-oxidation" and "inhibition", to combat melanin in an all-around way. It can be directly absorbed by cells across the skin barrier, because of its small molecular weight (307 Daltons), and directly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. It also can interfere with melanin synthesis in cells.
  • Effective Formulation Combination: Glutathione also with ingredients including 4-Butylresorcinol, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Morinda Citrifolia extract, made the great effective formulation combination for light-dark spot. The Aobbiy Dark Spot Corrector formulation reduces the production of melanin, repairs tissue damage, and moisturizes dried-up skin.
  • Repair Dark Spots: Whether it is dark spots, acne scars, freckles, sun spots, or age spots, our dark spot corrector is formulated with ingredients that can effectively go deep into the skin to provide consistent skin.
  • For Both Face And Body – The Aobbiy Glutathione Dark Spot Corrector can be used on both your body, face, and bikini area. Remove dark spots from your arms, legs, knees, elbows, bikini area, and from your face. Our dark spot corrector is the only one you need.


AOBBIY Glutathione Dark Spot Serum comes with Glutathione, 4-butylresorcinol, and Kojic Acid, etc. ingredients combination, which has skin conditioning and freckle effect, can effectively penetrate the basal layer, remove pigments and facial freckles, melasma, and other stubborn spots.

The unique essence for remove dark spot can effectively improve the dull and yellow skin tone, make the skin young and white from the inside out, adhere to the use to prevent the generation of pigmentation spots, while hydrating, nourishing, and light-dark spot, making the skin smooth and white every day.


1. Cleanse and apply toner to the skin as normal, apply a suitable amount on darkened areas of the skin where color correction is desired.

2. Apply the spot corrector in a gentle circular motion with two fingers.

3. Pat the area gently and evenly to help for the corrector to be absorbed.

Special Caution:

While using the dark spot corrector, sun exposure should be minimized as the skin can be darkened again. We recommend the use of sunscreen, sun-protective clothing and generally avoiding the sunlight for the areas where the skin is being whitened.


Do not use for children 12 years of age, unless prescribed by your physician.

 If discomfort occurs after use, stop using the product immediately.

 Avoid contact with eyes, if it does, since thoroughly with clean water.

 Store product in a shaded, cool, and moisture-free environment.

 Keep out of reach of children.

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